We are focused on "The Power Of One"; One God, One Nation, One individual as a part of our community.

Who can We Share Abundance benefit?

First and foremost anyone can become a member of our community as long as they are of legal age in their country of residence and are prepared to abide by our rules.

Charity begins at home and the distribution of WESA Tokens each month ensures that all our citizens can prosper simply by being a part of our "family" and performing tasks of service as simple as logging in each day and reading any messages they may receive from their peers.

It is the objective of We Share Abundance that every citizen is able to satisfy their needs for life and then, if they desire, go on to also satisfy their wants.


I'Be a part of our community at WESA!  I look forward to helping YOU on your journey to Abundance and Success  Click below for more information:


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